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Twin Sisters – Slow Giantess Growth by Tetsu

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When it comes to 3D Poser illustrations of slowly growing women, Tetsu is downright legendary.

The below excerpts are from Twin Sisters, one of his popular early works.  He has since gone on to create plenty of longer, more ambitious stories with proper dialogue and story driving the slow growth process.  However, it remains a great introduction to his style: a very gradual, very sexy transformation into a mini-giantess, gentle intercourse, frequent height comparisons and surprise growth spurts.

You can find the full story (free) hosted over at the excellent GTS Artists.

Twin Sister Giantess Growth 083

Twin Sister Giantess Growth

Twin Sister Giantess Growth 118

Twin Sister Giantess Growth 150

Twin Sister Giantess Growth 143

Twin Sister Giantess Growth 189

Check out the full story at GTS Artists.  You can also find Tetsu’s work on deviantART and the Giantess City Forums.

And if you enjoy his huge amount of free material, please consider supporting the artist directly by purchasing one of his recent stories for sale. The below preview is from the typically amazing Dr. Turner’s Chronicles Vol 1. – Alia Everdeen

Alia Growth


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  1. Like gaintess so much

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