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True Love – A MiniGTS Poser Sequence by opew12

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A loving giantess picks up and hugs her tiny shrunken man in this great 3D GTS Poser sequence by opew12.

It’s limited to these five images (created way back in 2009), but the final shot really makes it. ┬áHer expression! The maternal embrace! The creative angle! The breasts! It’s exactly the reaction you’d want your partner to have if she happened to find you shrunken down to half or one third your size.

Many thanks to opew 13 for his permission to use this sequence. Please visit his deviantART gallery for plenty more giantess material, both mini- and otherwise.

Mini Giantess True Love Mini Giantess and Shrunken Man Giant Woman and Tiny Man Maternal Giantess MiniGTS Hug

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