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The Roppogni Twins – Shrinking, Growth & Mini Giantess Mayhem!

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Mini Giantess Train

Roppigni Twins by DreamTales and PalComix

DreamTales is a class act when it comes to giantess and shrinking comics.  His writing accommodates a wide variety of size fetishes: shrinking men, shrinking women, slow-growing giantesses, towering 50 foot women…

The Roppogni Twins brings back fan favorite characters Suzy, Frank and Marilyn via the vivid comic art of PalComix. A real dream team.

Is it worth it for Mini Giantess fans?  We say “yes”.  There’s a big emphasis on showing the growth/shrinking process, which leads to some great variety in relative size. The opening sequence (pictured above) shows an embarrassed woman at many different stages of growth, slowly ripping out of her clothes, slowly transitioning from amazon to full-blown giantess.  Then the manga mayhem begins, and men and women everywhere shrink in different order, covering the full spectrum of large and small.

Keep an eye on the three unfortunate college-age girls who shrink out of their clothes at the start. When all women in the area later grow, they find themselves as – you guessed it – mini giantesses. In fact, they even call themselves that by name – just one of many fun, self-aware references to GTS and macrophile culture scattered through the story!

At 50+ pages, it’s one of DreamTales’ most generous efforts, and works as a great introduction if you’re new to his library of shrinking/growth comics.

Shrinking Women

You can read the full story over at!

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