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Spirit of Wonder – Anime Giantess Growth

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Gentle mini-GTS

Miss China’s sexy, hilarious anime giantess growth sequence in Spirit of Wonder. With Video, Animated GIF and screen captures for MiniGTS fans!

In the third story of the Spirit of Wonder anime movie/OVA, “The Shrinking of Miss China”, the lead character – yes – gets smaller and smaller.  Her clothes do not!  Eventually she ends up at microscopic size and is thought lost, but makes a miraculous return back to her normal petite female size.  She is naked and embarrassed, but reunited with her loved ones… but the growing hasn’t stopped there!

In the middle of a tender hug, she slowly grows out of her male companion’s arms, growing and growing until she has destroyed the house!

We LOVE that the animators made this a gradual process. Miss China is, for all intents and purposes, a mini giantess for most of this growth sequence. Below you can savour the best bits over and over with a video, animated GIF and screen captures. Enjoy!

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Animated GIF (MiniGTS moments only)

Giantess Growth Animation

Mini Giantess Screen Captures from The Shrinking of Miss China.

The Shrinking of Miss China

Unaware Giantess Growth

Unaware Giantess Growth

Mini giantess hug.

Miss China grows

Embarrassed nude giantess


Embarrassed naked mini giantess

Miss China in Spirit of Wonder

The Shrinking of Miss China

Miss China grows to the ceiling in Spirit of Wonder.

A growing anime giantess bursts out of her house.

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  1. Thanks for the site Miss China is sweet. At first I thought she was the military officer in Evangelion ; )

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