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Skyscraper Suzy II – MiniGTS & Shrinking Comic Review

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Shrunken Man at Pool

One of Dreamtales’ most mini-giantess-friendly comics to date.

We’ve previously suggested The Roppogni Twins as a solid introduction to the shrinking and growth work of DreamTales Comics, as it caters to such a huge range of size fetishes and included a fun wink to us mini-giantess fans. But digging deeper into their archives, you’ll find plenty more to enjoy.  One that gets a particularly strong recommendation is Skyscraper Suzy II.

The first Skyscraper Suzy was another fun tale starring the much-loved characters of Suzy, Frank and Marilyn.  As Suzy grows, her partner Frank shrinks.  It’s a generously-sized story that begins with mini-giantess growth and ends – as the name suggests – with Suzy towering over city skylines.  Obviously we’re much more interested in the former than the latter!

Which is why we love Skyscraper Suzy II so much.  The sequel (well, really more an “interquel”, or perhaps an alternate retelling) gives us some of the missing tales during each stage of growth, and spends much more time during the early stages of Frank’s shrinking and Suzy’s growth.  In short: it was made for the Mini-GTS community.

Mini Giantess Clothes Store

We get plenty of process action, with Suzy and Frank respectively growing and shrinking out of clothes.  This leads to some great moments of embarrassment, particularly during one memorable scene in a restaurant.

We also love that this is a gentle relationship.  As with most of their stories, Suzy and Frank seem to take the size reversal in their stride, working around it and remaining a loving, smiling couple every step of the way. Their world is a happy one full of friendly, sexually curious people – which pays off in the hilariously over-the-top, knowingly silly ending.

Check out the full story over at Dreamtales Comics.

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