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Sexy (Non-)Giantess POV Videos

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There are seemingly millions of live-action giantess POV videos out there, but very, very, very few that cater to mini-giantess fans.  We’d love to see playful interaction and power dynamic changes as we slowly shrink, not get squashed between a model’s toes.   (By the way, if you know of any videos that do line up with the MiniGTS content on the site, we’d love to read your comments below!)

This is why we need to improvise.  With a little imagination, a lot of low-angle videos could be repurposed as mini giantess POV clips. Ignore the ridiculously sleazy (and clearly false) title of the video below.

There is an unrelated internet fetish out there for downblouse videos.  Not the unethical voyeur kind, which we would never dream of posting here.  These are over-the-top wish-fulfilment deals, with (consenting) young women cleaning, talking or generally going about their business while providing cheeky boob slips.  (Yeah, there are some blatant gender issues in this, but we’re a fetish site for people who like to pretend to shrink and/or encounter women nine feet tall.  Who are we to judge?)

Here are some more that – to a slightly lesser extent – could easily be from the view of a shrunken man. (Having trouble? Imagine a tiny hand reaching out…)

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