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Mini Giantess Growth Comic: Hazard

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Giantess Growth on Plane

Giantess Club Hazard IV Previewoffers some first-class material when it comes to mini giantesses and process growth, with art and writing that could easily rival mainstream comics.  While their main area is breast expansion (not a big focus here at, there’s still a wealth of “regular” female growth to be found in the archives.

The Hazard series begins as a fun one-off story.  In Flight Hazard, a beautiful woman slowly grows on a plane, tearing out of her clothes leaving very little room for her fellow passengers.  The sequels – Road Hazard and Water Hazard,  reveal this to be a widespread phenomenon, with female growth used as a terrorist threat!

The highlight comes at the end of part four, when women everywhere are exposed to the biohazard.  We are then treated to a generous number of panels of embarrassed nude females suddenly tearing out of their clothes, all in different states of size and undress – intercut with a steamy sexual encounter with a rapidly growing sexy villain!

Water Hazard by Giantess Club

Check it out, and be sure to let them know you appreciate the work! The more feedback MiniGTS material gets, the more likely they’ll want to commission more!

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