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Mini Giantess Collages by lowerrider

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The mini giantess collage scene has been getting progressively stronger over the last few years.  If you’re curious, the work of lowerrider is a great starting point.  His work is solid, startlingly believable, and there’s a lot of it.

Here are some of our favourite pieces and why we love them.  Click on any image to see a high-resolution version on deviantART.  Be sure to leave a friendly comment if you appreciate his continued hard work!

Baltic Girl Giantess

Presumably, the original picture showed a normal-sized man still looking up at the high-heel-enhanced woman.  It lends itself perfection to this kind of collage.  The humorous difference is amplified, but still looks strangely believable.

Yekaterina Gamova - Mini Giantess Volleyball

This image – featuring 6’8 Russian volleyball star Yekaterina Gamova - makes us believe we’re living in a world in which giantesses exist.  It’s a wonderful, candid moment.

Sarah Hyland Mini Giantess

Sarah Hyland is incredibly cute no matter what size she is. Here she retains the cuteness of a shorter woman, making it a very surreal sight to see her towering over somebody else.

Karlie Kloss MiniGTS

One of lowerrider’s common themes is to choose women who are already taller than average, such as netball players or – in this case – tall, slim models like the beautiful Karlie Kloss.  We love that this isn’t over-the-top; simply just tall enough to make you do a double-take.

Shrunken Man on the Beach

We love seeing everyday scenarios with shrunken men or giant women; the concept of life going on, and people simply adapting.Mini GIantess Brenda Song, Alyson Michalka and Katerina Graham

A shrunken Brenda Song, a regular sized Alyson Michalka and a mini-giantess Katerina Graham.  The concept of three sizes is a very fun one we’d love to see explored more.  And again, lowerrider shows some impressive restraint in not going overboard with the size different.  You could easily skim past this without realising things aren’t quite right.

Thanks to lowerrider for the permission to reproduce his work.  He has a huge archive of more mini-giantess collages, so be sure to pay him a visit!

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1 Comment

  1. thank you very much for posting some of my works…your descripions and comments are perfect…please continue to pick/choose any of my works…thanks

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