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Mini Giantess Bath by kevinklc

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A shrunken man and beautiful mini-giantess share a bath.

This render by kevinklc just might be our favourite 3D mini giantess poser image. Ever.

Mini Giantess Bath

There’s so much to love about this.  The gentleness and warmth.  Her sweet expression.  His look of amazement.  The soft feminine curves that keep her petite, despite her relative giant size.  The playfulness of comparing hands.  The cheeky position of her other hand…

It’s part of a very charming MiniGTS Story posted over on his deviantART profile, featuring a three-foot man encountering his childhood sweeatheart, Hidy.  We strongly recommend you visit the full 68-photo sequence (which also includes accompanying prose descriptions in the captions).

Unfortunately, Kevin has since changed computers, and is currently unable to continue with 3D renders. In fact, he more or less suggested his Poser days were behind him.  But when you check out the full sequence - which you must – be sure to thank him for his amazing work.  Perhaps some more love from the MiniGTS community will persuade him to return someday!

Here are some more great highlights (reproduced here with the artist’s permission).  Click on each image to go to the HQ version on deviantART.

Mini Giantess and Tiny Man

Shrunken Man

Mini Giantess Kiss

MiniGTS Embrace

MiniGTS Sex

Sex with a Shrinking Man

Follow kevinklc on deviantART.

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