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Kate Upton: Tall Model

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Tall Kate Upton standing next to short men.

Let’s set aside our silly fetish for a moment to acknowledge Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated superstar and legendary bikini model) is one hell of a woman.  She’s confident, fun, astonishingly sexy, never shy about undressing, willing to dive into swimsuit modelling the second she turned 18, and hey, the enormous boobs don’t hurt either.


On top of all that, Kate Upton’s height is just a nice advantage.  At 1.78 meters (5 foot 10 inches) in height, she happens to look rather imposing when standing in high heels next to short men.  These photos and screencaps should give mini giantess / tall women / amazon fans plenty to think about!

Unless noted otherwise, these were pointed out by the Tall Women blog, which is absolutely worth your time.


Kate Upton in high heels next to Jeff Palinski.





Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari


And we’ve saved the best for last: a jiggly animated GIF of Kate Upton shaking her assets above two short men. (Thanks to derekj.)


Don’t forget to check out Tall Women for more “women just tall enough to qualify as a slowly growing mini giantess” material!

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