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Goddess Resort by Gorthag

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Gorthag has reached legendary status among Mini-GTS fans for his amazing Goddess Resort series.

These 3D illustrated Poser renders show the recreational lives of “genetic superwomen” (all stunning amazon mini giantesses with decidedly… Jessica Rabbit-y proportions!) and the lucky regular-sized spa assistants who provide a pleasurable distraction.

If you enjoy the pictures below, please show your support by visiting his Goddess Resort Yahoo Group. Don’t be put off by the Yahoo signup process – it’s completely free and absolutely worth the effort. You’ll find Gorthag’s full archive, spanning years of incredible work.  Be sure to visit the Animations section for some mini-giantess videos you absolutely must download.

You can also show your support on his deviantART page.

Aloha from the South Pacific by Gorthag Mini Giantess Orgy Mini Giantess by Gorthag Goddess Resort MGTS 3 Goddess Resort MGTS Mini giantess poser rendering by Gorthag

And there’s plenty more where that came from over at Goddess Resort.  Enjoy!


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