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Free Giantess Fan Comic: When Dreams Come True

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Check out (the one mini giantess page of) “When Dreams Come True”, or download the full (non-MiniGTS) comic here for free!

J. Yubari at Giantess Fan, being the nice guy he is, is letting us give away the GTS comic When Dreams Come True for free.  A woman, dumped by her boyfriend, finds herself growing to skyscraper size and – wait up. That’s too big for us!

The artwork is gorgeous and the story is a good laugh, but this is  Can we, in good conscience, show a story involving a 50 foot woman, revenge and -ulp- vore?  No, we cannot.  We’re very happy if you enjoy it, but it’s not the subject matter of this website.

Instead, we’re leaving the choice to you.  Please enjoy below the one page that can undeniably be called mini giantess growth.  If you’re content seeing her much bigger than this (and willing to end a few human lives), chances are you’ll love the full comic, which you can download here.

Giantess Growth on Bed

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