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Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader – MiniGTS Scenes

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Screencaps of the Mini-Giantess and Tall Amazon moments from Roger Corman’s 2012 b-movie Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader.

AotFFC is dumb, cheesy fun through and through, but it’s very honest and tongue-in-cheek about it.  Legendary b-movie director Roger Corman knows how to make the most of a very limited budget, alternating between simple perspective tricks and tacky green screen to give a functional but very self-aware giantess flick.  (You can find it via video on demand here.)

Let’s be honest: there isn’t a whole lot here for mini-giantess fans, and the execution of relative sizes is all over the place.  But it’s certainly more than we usually see from mainstream media, and we’re always grateful to those who try.

Cassie (Jena Sims) is a dorky college girl, at least by Hollywood standards – i.e. an attractive young woman who wears glasses and doesn’t comb her hair.   To fit in with the cheerleading crowd, she takes an experimental growth formula and finds herself a towering Amazon.

Mini Giantess Jena Sims

The POV scenes leave a lot to be desired from a mini giantess fan perspective, and we see very little in the way of physical interaction.  (The interaction we do see only hammers in that these are just people standing on boxes.)  But story-wise, they do the job.

Tall Cheerleader

MiniGTS Cheerleader

Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

Of course, the implied height is all over the place!

Giantess at Sorority Party

Giantess Sorority Girl

The jealous “Queen Bitch” figure, the short and angry Brittany (Olivia Alexander), takes the formula herself.  One side effect of her growth process seems to be extreme horniness.  Enter the mini-giantess sex scene with her now-tiny boyfriend.  (Disclaimer: don’t get your hopes up!)

Mini Giantess Oliva Alexander

During sex, Brittany’s bra flies off.  It’s implied this is due to growth, through we don’t actually see any.  But hey, look!  Boobs!

Olivia Alexander GTS Sex Scene

Olivia Alexander - Giantess Boobs

The chair collapses from underneath her boyfriend.  This shot leaves a lot to the imagination.  If only they’d had the budget (and some creative mini-giantess fans on the production team) to do more with this!  Even a side-on green screen scene could have made a lot of the MiniGTS community very happy.  But this was not made with us in mind, and we take what we can get!

We should add that Olivia Alexander makes a great giantess (mini- and otherwise).  Being so short in reality, it’s all the more intriguing to see that petite feminine charm stay intact as she grows.  MiniGTS scenarios often involve some sort of enhancement in breast size, muscles and general proportions, but our editors personally think it’s far more appealing to see real proportions simply amplified in scale.

Olivia Alexander & Tiny Man

This being a mini giantess website, we’ll leave it up to other sites to show the two giantesses in their later stages of growth.  However, we can’t resist sharing a glimpse at the final football field fight, in which their tops are gratuitously ripped off.  Say what you will; at least they’re being honest about this being a ridiculous sci-fi exploitation film.

Topless Giantesses

Topless Giantess Fight

Topless Jena Sims

But the mini-giantess fun isn’t quite over!  In a last minute comeback, Brittany doubles in size, making her a relative mini-GTS to the smaller Cassie.

MiniGTS Fight

Mini Giantess Fight

They may have given her sliiightly too much of the antidote.  She crawls out of her enormous shorts to find her fellow cheerleaders crowding around her.

Shrunken Olivia Alexander

Shrunken Cheerleader

Brittany, always so fiercely jealous about taller girls, has shrunk to half size.  Enjoy these POV shots of cheerleaders looking down and laughing at their new pet:

Giant Laughing Cheerleaders

Laughing Cheerleaders POV

Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader is not a great movie by any means.  It is what it is.  But it does what it can with limited resources, and offers more mini-giantess material than we had any right to expect from mainstream media.

During pre-release promotion, the cast and crew expressed a desire to make a sequel if AotFFC does well.  It’s probably wishful thinking at this point, but we’d love to see what Corman and co. could do with a bigger budget!

You can find the film via streaming video (and hopefully, one day, DVD and Blu-ray) over on Amazon.

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